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NFHS Online Exams

Thursday, July 23, 2015
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Log-in Instructions

To access the NFHS online exams, please follow these instructions: 

Go to

  • When on select Register at the top right
  • Follow steps to create your username and password
  • Click NEXT (keep your username & password for future use)
  • Fill in required Personal Information
  • Click NEXT
  • The next screen will inform you that a confirmation email has been sent
  • Click the link from the email
  • Use your newly created username & password to sign-in
  • Once signed-in, you can view Available & Upcoming Exams as well as your Exam History
  • To begin course, go to Available & Upcoming Exams  

Results will be available to you immediately and will also be automatically sent to the IHSAA office for certification.  If you do not score 80% or better, you may re-take the test within the testing window.  If you score 90% or better, you cannot retake the test.

PLEASE NOTE:  Exams can ONLY be taken up to five (5) times.    

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